5 most common areas to check for mold in the home
There are lots of places that mold can hide in the home, and below are the tops 5 locations that every home owner should check periodically for mold growth.

Top 5 Areas to Check for Mold

When looking for black mold in your house, you are really looking for moisture. It can be direct moisture such as from a roof leak, HVAC leak, or leaking pipes. It can also be due to poor ventilation. This guide of the top 5 areas to check for mold can serve as a checklist starting with the easy and obvious and moving into the places in your home you rarely visit such as your attic, crawl space or basement.

5 areas to check for mold
  1. Bathrooms: Please read our full article on MOLD IN BATHROOMS for more detail, but check under all sinks, in the grout around the bath tub/shower, and the walls.
  2. Plumbing: This one is tough since your piping is in the walls, but a hotspot for leaks is around the water heater. Check under all sinks in your house for moisture. Also, check the walls on the other side of any plumbing fixtures. Hidden mold is very common, so check closely around the baseboards as what looks like dust can actually be mold spores.
  3. All walls and ceilings: Thoroughness is key here. That closet in your guest bedroom you haven’t opened in 6 months? Check it. Make a note of any areas that appear to have growth or are moist.
  4. Attic: Please read our full article on ATTIC MOLD for greater detail, but leaks are not always visible or obvious. They can just as easily run through your walls instead of dripping from the ceiling. Check the underside of your roof for any evidence of leaks. Darkened or discolored wood is a strong indicator that there is a leak. If your HVAC unit is in the attic, check for standing water in the pan and evidence of water damage around it.
  5. Basement/crawl space: Everyone’s least favorite, but mold loves dark, moist places so it is important to check your basement and crawl space. Check any walls and joists for evidence of mold growth. Check under all bathrooms and the kitchen. Water flows down. Leaks that are not evident above can become obvious from below. You are looking for discoloration of the wood or active moisture.
Badger Tip: Check to see if there is a plastic vapor barrier covering any exposed soil in your crawl space. If not, installing a vapor barrier is a simple change that can cut down on moisture issues dramatically.

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